Team Asia for Winter Hoplympics



This will be the official topic for the Asia team for the winter Hoplympics. Once we get 2 more members (we need 3 more), we will vote on a team leader. To sign up and/or find out more information, go here.

Our current members are:

Also, @DogWithAPen is here to help with code, cheer us on, and give ideas since she doesn’t have HS rn


Oooooooooookkkkkk I’m ready. Should we make a collab account? Wait nvm I don’t have the new update


Hi i’m not here spying on u guys


No, we’ll just use our own accounts for that reason.


Yes i is on this teem

Not a spy at all


Ooooooo I’ll sign up I root for Asia in skating!!!


Wait my doods what update???


Go to the topic that is linked in the first post and sign up for Asia. @Petrichor, are you doing it?


Ni t uet. I think I’ll make the word “asia” with snow in it as a trail art. Maybe with a map of Asia in the backgtound?


We don’t even have a team leader


Back at you.


That’s not very nice.




You seem like xse by how you act


I’m not spying :male_detective:t2:‍♀️…


oh im middle eastern kinda random sorry…


wait whats happening? Uhhh i’ll just skiddadle my way out of here…


Why don’t u guys make a private pm so u can talk without being spyed on


Well the teams are actually helping each other on their projects so I’d recommend keeping it public because you could get help from the other teams


Not a contest then

Y’all r copying my idea of the Olympics