Team 5 - Albus_Dumbledore

@ roam1
@ DolphinGirl7

Everyone else mute

@ Albus_Dumbledore

  • Im on the account
  • Im not on the account
  • Leave

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You mean unlist lol? And perhaps don’t tag all the leaders?

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Are you sure that’s what you wanna do
I’ll get out good luck

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lol he hasn’t tagged them at all

casually sets topic to watching

totally didn’t do that as well

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@leaders clive

not clive



Maybe wait until a leader is on to ask for a topic to be unlisted, as lots of people are gonna find this in the meantime?


Yep ^^
And just tag them once or pick one that’s on/ has been online recently



Ok cool so we discuss

Yep, we do!

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alright, i need to see some work by the end of today

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Ok any ideas? And the word “Fall” Can me falling of the season fall. @roam1 and @Dolphin_Blast

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fall… maybe art or it could be like an explore the forest game?

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Bingo! Maybe 3D?

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