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I have an idea of how we will do this. Any ideas?



What is your idea Enchanted?


Just an idea, what if we made a game like geometry dash but 2 people could play at the same time against each other to see who could get the furthest. And maybe there could be like random power ups or things that slow the other player down or let you jump higher or something. (Just an idea feel free to trash it without worrying about my feelings) (;


Isn't out on an account, that I won't tell you guys the password for. We will start trading drafts form there, so that's it's fair it is not made all under one account. Sound good?

Also, please put this on watching. :DD

And good idea! c:


Trading drafts sounds good, I'm just not sure how to do it xD


Like I mean idk how trading drafts works


Have you started to think about your game yet? @EnchantedHopscotcher @MyPizza and @Sweetlina


Soooooooooooo is this just not happening anymore?


What do you want to make?


I don't know I've just been waiting to hear something from you cuz your the team leader or from sweet but it seems like I'm the only one giving ideas.



I am here guys



@MyPizza and @Sweetlina, if you haven't already, pls put this topic on watching.
I think we should make a simple game with music and stuff :D


I like that idea

We should do it


Any ideas fo the game itself?