Team 2: Bluedog's Game Contest Discussion Topik!


Hallo! This is for team two for the game contest!

So, I had a few ideas, so let's get things mattered! :DD

Team Name:

What should our team name be?


What shall it be? Reply with what you think!

Trade Drafts? Collab Account?

How shall we do dis?

Shall we collab? Trade drafts?

  • Trade Drafts!
  • Collab Account!



What kind of games do you want to make? A plat former game? A geometry type like Game?

Replie with what we should do! When ideas come, I will put up a poll. c:

Team Captain?

Guys, we still need a team captain! I just made this because I was tied and figured we should make this soon.

  • PumpkinCoder
  • Enchy




We're going to do this. The leader will be splitting each person up so that they each have their own part.


This person designs the characters and the tittle screen and the trail art and pixel art done!

Game Maker:

This person builds up the base of the game. They code the basic layout of the game. They are making whatever we are making.


This person fixes everything. They find bug fixes and edit them. They finish up the game.

Beta Tester and Idea Planner:
This person beta tests in the end and comes up with ideas. They add ideas to the game and we, as members, have to listen to them.


This person creates the music. What kind of game is a game with no music?

BG Creator:

This person is in charge of creating the backgrounds that change. We might do a game with moving stuff.

OfficialTeam2MassTagList (OT2MTL)


So bai!


I was just about to ask if you had made a topic yet!


XD So, ur the professional game maker; what should we make?


I'm no pro lol. I think we should make a geometry dash, but really similar to the actual one. With really cool graphics and the music from the game. (I know it's a bad idea :frowning: )


Could I be the Idea planner/beta tester? I'm not the best at coding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cool idea with the different parts!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor get coding!

if you get that reference good job ^


I think.... maybe! Idek!

@bluedogmc-official thanks! :DD


Could I do music? That's what I'm best at. I can also help a little bit with the backgrounds.


Y I was tagged?


You are in the team. :DD

What part do you want to do? c:


@PenguinGaming713 and @Himynameismeredith1, once there are ten people who voted to see who is captain, we're gonna give you your part.


Looks like I'm winning....

I will wait till tomorrow and then close the polls. :DD


We need a tie breaker for the collab acc/trading drafts poll! I'll wait till there is one! :DD

Looks like I'm the new leader c:


Here are your parts:

@PenguinGaming713: musician
@PumpkinGirl: Game Maker
@Himynameismeredith1: idea planner/beta tester
@MiiR_legend: editor
@Puppylulu: BG Creator
@EnchantedHopscotcher designer


Okay cool!
Do we know are team name yet?
Because I was thinking, we could make a game based off of our name.
(i.e Pink Dolphins, make a project based on dolphins or the main character is a dolphin.)


Sounds great! Any game ideas?
Edit ideas here:
Complex Geometry Dash


Could we call the account CodingCompTm2 for now until we think of a better name? We should get started ASAP.


Good idea! :DD

I was thinking Competitive Coders or something!


We also need to find a way to do this.


Can I be the tie breaker?!?


Go ahead! I just need a tie breaker. :D