Teach me how to do pixel art please?


Could anybody teach me the basic of pixel arts?


Watch the video on HS, and if that doesn't help,
I can help you :D


Basics: start with an idea. Best to use an image as a reference! You can find many pixelated/gridded images online!
Then make the pixel code for various objects!


You know my ipad isn't responding to HS videos. It just loading and loading and after awhile it fails. And even i checked on HS's youtube channel there wasn't any pixel art videos. So idk


Well i don't even subscribe on hopscotch cuz my parents don't allow me


You don't need a subscription to do pixel art :D

So first, start with an idea, like KVJ said. If it's your first time, try doing something simple, like a heart or a simple charmander. Try to pick something that has very less colors or very less lines. My first pixel art was a house, with only having three colors.

Using that idea, go search up what you want to make! If you want to make a potatoe for a pixel art, then search up potatoe pixel art. If you want a grid to help you, then just search up potatoe pixel art grid. Save the photo into your camera roll for further uses.

Have no idea? Don't worry! You can just search up pixel art and lots of ideas will come up. My first time doing it, I was in the school library and I looked around and saw my sister reading a book with a house in it! That's where I got the idea. :D

Next, you're going to start a project. First, you should make the colors. If you know how to make and find out HSBs, do that. If you don't, you can always figure it out at the end, since all the colors should be in an ability. So, as you know, since you don't have the subscription, you can't really add in the photo and copy it easily. You have to double click the home button to see the photo. I suggest you do that. Or you can use two different decieces, which is what I usually do until someone takes the other one XD

Now, you're going to make a starting point. This is where the texts start. You have to put mice down and move right abilities so that they don't all stay in the same place and go onto the same line at the same time.

I can't really explain the rest, as I don't know what you're making. If you tell me what you're making, I'll be happy to help you along the way :D I'm not the most pro at pixel art, but I think I'm pretty decent :D

I really hoped this helped :D


You don't need the image in the app. Just use another device or split screen (on newer iPads) to have a look at it!


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