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That's very cool. I've been wondering for while if we could change the version to upgrade the project.

I assume you recall the file size fix Windows exe I made. I could probably incorporate a version upgrade function as well to automatically convert all the variables to iPad variables (since all variables, regardless of whether created under iPad or a specific object, used to be global variables).

I wonder if there'd be much interest in that?


That would be pretty cool. It might not be extremely necessary but maybe good to have in certain cases.


Good perspective. Probably would take a while to write the code, so doubt I will unless there's a need... or I need it for one of my projects :wink:


There must me a faulty file size with the conditional, "bump"
It seems to create lag, and occasionally crash the game.


The new update is apparently just rubbish. Mine updated automatically (even though I have automatic updates turned off :rage:). Now projects lag painfully. And with people posting about their projects getting merged, I'm not sure if I want to open any of my projects. And all this after waiting something like 2 months for an update Montoya (who's now MIA) said would take a week.

The lack of QA is astounding. How they're going to stay in business I've no idea.


Good thing I didn't update then. The old update was laggy enough


Like @William04GamerA' I shouldn't of updated to the November update. Remember projects like Minecraft sneak up (made by magmaPOP), they barely lagged, barely loaded and the editor was very smooth.

If someone were to remake the exact same project, but with the new editor I'm sure that the newer version of Minecraft sneak up will be 10x laggier. If not, more.


I'm going to turn off automatic updated now, who knows how much more laggier it'll get for me.


I've always had mine off, mainly for those reasons (updates may cause problems in apps)


The Hopscotch Team didn't mention Montoya when I visited their HQ, nor did I see him there. His absence seems likely to be conflicted with another company, unfortunately.

Also, the team had to remake the app to make it work with the web player, so it's no wonder it's so slow, laggy and non-QA-tested it is, which also relates to the fact that the team consists of four people, with one of them absent from a child birth. No one really reports bugs often either; Sam had mentioned that she could fix these marginal bugs easily, but she'd need help from bug testers on the forum to find and fix them all. I feel that it's also worth mentioning that thomas left to work for MLB, therefore Sam is the one and only programmer working for Hopscotch as of now.


Woah. Remaking the app would take forever!


Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was the reason there was a three to four (I don't remember exactly) month delay between the older and newer editor.


Hey, I just realised this.

Do you want self, and therefore the new update?
Sure, but your projects will take so so long to load, an increase in lag will be guaranteed and the editor will be slow, buggy and crash.

Do you want a game to be less laggy, (less load) and the whole project running faster and smoother?
Sure, but you will not have self, and therefore miss out on many great aspects of it. Pixelising texts won't come out proper too :frowning:

I have been working around the second one, and trying to work around those old variables and the texts. But, in my latest projects I used self and they take simply way to long to load.


That is sad. I wonder, did they do much testing before releasing the web-player compatible version?


I wouldn't be surprised if subscribed projects have a faulty file size. They take Absoloutel forever to load.


I think I might just use self on small projects.


Yeah, that is an interesting question. I wonder if there were more bug reports back then in the more active community, too.


Then they could've seen the awful lag and chose not to release the new version/fix it.


@ThinBuffalo, I was in someone's fireworks pad and found something out:

From this topic:

You might want to see for yourself.


That sounds crazy!