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I’m glad to hear that! How’s it going? Were you able to determine what events/actions cause the extra json code? Someone reached out to me just recently to help fix a project that won’t even upload any more (this happens when they’re patient enough to put up with the ever increasing editor lag and the file size gets really large)

If it’s value added, I’m happy to help test a hypotheses

As an aside, I’m just curious if these other issues are on your hit list for the next update?


I got the project. You may now delete the draft.


You’re welcome.

The project was almost 6MB before I deleted all the superfluous json data (reduced to something like 350KB).

How long did it take the project to get that bad?


Let me think.

I started it June something teen and only spent a week or so not working on it for at least an hour than. So I’d say around 6 days(as in 24 hours). I don’t know for sure though.


Hi Thinbuffalo!

Can you explaing to me how to do a “when object isn’t pressed” code, as I’m 98% sure you know how to do it.


Hm. I’ll make a project on that and then I’ll edit this post.
This is a timer that on,y goes up when you aren’t tapping it.
I could’ve probably done it in a simpler way I just don’t know how.

I don’t know why but that’s in the filter.


Hi @BB-Box

No problem, it’s actually pretty simple. Just note that When Not Pressed runs continually, just like When Pressed. Sometimes ppl confuse When Not Pressed with When Released, which is analogous to When Tapped in that it only runs once.

In any case, here’s When Not Pressed

@NindroidGames, thanks for helping as well :+1: (though I haven’t looked at your link yet)



So when it’s pressed it’ll always be 3 and it isn’t pressed it will turn to 0?




Close but not exactly. When it’s pressed, it’ll be greater than 0 but not necessarily 3.


Ok, now I understand how it works, thanks!


Latest published project:
Ocean Reef Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s a working jigsaw puzzle. First I’ve seen on Hopscotch.

Thoughts? Suggestions for improvement?


Runs great on a PC :slight_smile:
I like how the pieces center doesn’t jump to the touch X:Y when pressed, but drag around in a realistic manner.


Wow, that is impressive! I like the shadow when you pick up a piece, the automatic snapping and pieces forming a cluster. That is fun, my score was 3:56 (probably longer than it should’ve been xD). One thing that bugged me a bit was that the jigsaw does not fill the entire screen or “solving space”. If the pieces were a bit bigger it would, not a big deal though I’m just kinda OCD. Would there be a way to code this without using images?


Good point. That’s something I’d considered as well, but the pieces need space too as you work on the puzzle. The partially completed puzzle drops to the back after pieces are snapped together so other pieces don’t get hidden under it, but it still seemed like “open” area was still needed to space incomplete pieces out to see them. I’ll have to think on this some more…

Would be possible with emoji art or even clone pixel art, but more difficult I think. I wondered this as well and was thinking about trying the latter. Do you think Hops would find a clone pixel art jigsaw interesting? I think it’d be neat if others could use the technique to make puzzles with their own clone pixel arts.



Try thinking of 10 things you aren’t sure are possible in Hopscotch. I can think of 7 within a few seconds

If you don’t mind, I’m curious what your list is


Really fun gameplay.

The only issue I found was that it doesn’t always show the white arrow when trying to land, and when it does the trails don’t alwayst turn white.


Thanks @CreationsOfaNoob.

I got bored with this project as the difficult (i.e. fun) part is mostly done. Maybe still a bug or 2 in the mechanics but the remaining work is mostly graphics and GUI. I suppose I might try to finish it.

Would you mind helping me troubleshoot the issues you mentioned? You don’t have to get into the code, just help me identify the exact scenario that makes it repeatable.

Assuming you’ll say “Yes”, I’ll jump into some questions :smiley:

Just to confirm, you were trying v0.5.3?

The only issue I found was that it doesn’t always show the white arrow when trying to land and when it does the trails don’t alwayst turn white.

That might, partially, be on purpose. Let’s see… first one has to land from the right direction, e.g. pass over the black end of the landing strip first. Second, it’s coded by having two invisible circles where you have to touch both in the right order. If the path “cuts the corner” or is moving too fast (with the waypoints spread way out) such that the waypoints miss one of the circles, then the plane won’t land. Does either of those sound like what you saw? I can probably improve the “cutting the corner” by changing the shape of the objects.

Going back to the comment,

it doesn’t always show the white arrow when trying to land and when it does the trails don’t alwayst turn white

Are you saying the planes landed without the trail turning white? I’ve not seen that since I made bug fixes in previous versions. Could you maybe explain in more detail what it’s doing and how to repeat it. If it’s repeatable, I’m sure I can fix it.


Yes, I tried v0.5.3.

I’m not sure if it actually was a bug though. Are you supposed to only be able to land on the top track?

(I saw the first reply too)


It randomly changes which landing strip a given plane has to land on. When pressing on a plane, the white arrows indicate which landing strip to use.