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Hmmmm. Maybe make trees? Depends on the gameplay.


Here. If possible, may you please unpublish yours to prevent a bug with Hopscotch thinking unpublished projects are your drafts? You'll k le what I mean when you publish it.


Hey @ThinBuffalo! I was wondering if you could help me here. Take a look at the screenshots below.

So I'm making a game where you shoot a gun, but my problem is when you hit the zombie the bullet is supposed to hit it then come back and stop until I hit the shoot button again. But what it does is it comes back and repeats. I would really appreciate if you could help me, I've worked hard on this game. Also I will give you credit. Sorry if I'm not very descriptive, I can show you a link if you want.


(I would love to try help too if you are on now :D)


Sorry I didn't respond before. Life's been busy :laughing:

Hi @danaball20, if the Zombie is closer than 750 when it's hit & the bullet's position is reset, the bullet will keep moving forward to complete the [Change Y by 750]

Hi @t1_hopscotch , feel free to jump in :smile:

Hi @FearlessPhoenix / @NindroidGames, you still need the file size fixed on the above project, or maybe on a more recent version?


Thanks @ThinBuffalo :smiley:

And I had not thought of this! –

I was just thinking about if the :red_circle: was pressed for too long though it seemed unlikely – this^ seems to be more it.


So I'm a little bit confused, do I put a [change y by -750]? Or do I put [position X of gun Y of gun] @t1_hopscotch @ThinBuffalo


Here's one way to fix it

In the When ___ Bumps ___, put a [Set Speed 0] right before the Set Position. That will cancel the remainder of the Change Y.

Of course then it won't move next time it's fired, so:
In the When ___ is Pressed, put a [Set Speed 400] (or whatever it was) right before the [Change y by 750]


Ok, I did all of the stuff you told me and this is what happened in screenshots.
Here is a link (in the code is the stuff you told me to do)-


I just saw your project :slight_smile: (it is looking awesome by the way!)

So it looks like the :zap: is disappearing and resetting as you expect when it hits the zombie, but not when it bumps the top edge of the screen :thinking:


I'll get s newer one in a while.


Hi @danaball20
Great start on the project. Looks like there's a few issues but good news is that they should be easy to fix

  1. As @t1_hopscotch said, the bullet needs to be reset when hitting the edge. I'd suggest just turning it invisible.
  2. After the Set Speed 0 change, these :point_down: don't work anymore.

    Instead delete those events for the bullet and Set Position of the bullet to the gun when it's fired.

Try this



Yes, I had thought of that but I didn't know if it would stay invisble. @ThinBuffalo + @t1_hopscotch thanks for the help! I will definitely put you guys in the credits section. Also I want to be more like you guys helping other people out so this was good for me, this is why I signed up for the forum. Thanks again!


Hi @danaball20, I am glad that worked out, (even though I barely did much :grin: – I just meant to point out in hopes of maybe letting you discover for yourself, but don't worry) and aww I think that is lovely of you :relaxed::blush::smile:


I usually don't ask for this, but if anyone is interested in checking a beta project for bugs...

I'm working on a remake of the App Store's Control Tower. Just working on the basic functionality so far:

  • Can't use Move forward
    • The plane emoji is rotated 45 deg
    • Hopscotch's min speed of 40 is too fast (Yes, you can set it lower but 40 is the slowest an object moves)
  • When you press on the plane and drag, waypoints should be created
    • but only if you move your finger some minimum distance
    • previous waypoint trails should be removed with a new press & drag
  • The plane needs to follow the waypoints
    • and continue in a straight line when it runs out of waypoints
  • The waypoints need to be "recycled" so you don't run out
    • this is why the project so far only uses 100 waypoints - to test the recycling
  • The plane should rebound off the screen edge at the same angle of incidence

(The project is not published but the link should still work if you have Hopscotch installed)

Let me know if you find any bugs (or don't find any bugs) or if you have any suggestions. Thanks :smile:



Anytime tomorrow or the day after would you be available to absolutely eradicate uneccessary file size expansion for the editor and game, of one of my drafts. It's taking 20 seconds to type one character. And all of the checking (once ifs and else's) are absolutely occupying to much time, so a lag in movement is very noticeably evident.

Not to be rude, but I thought a member of the hopscotch team said that this would be fixed shortly, back in Feb or Jan!



@blastfusion Just post a link for me. Is this the same one that @NindroidGames posted? If so, is that link still to the latest version?


Absolutely different project.

@Thinbuffalo, now or two hours from now?
This really must be private. Last time, half the forum saw!


There's no way to send me the project link even remotely privately. That's just the nature of the forum.

However, if you put an object/emoji in the project & set it be in the front & very large, it'll cover everything and look like a black screen. If there's a bunch of text objects, for example, most people wouldn't go to the effort of finding the right one to remove. Also, unpublish the project as soon as you copy the link.

Alternatively, include "beta" in the the project title, and don't worry about who sees it...