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Did you do this when it was published?
Might want to do this to some of my own...


Both. I saved one copy of each variation, though.

@BlastFusion no, I don't think that is possible. But if you eat to make a new version of any of your games you could clean up the draft.


One thing I've noticed though, is that all "is tapped" object references goes blank and acts as "when anything is tapped" after you fix it...


@ThinBuffalo, would you mind explaining a bit how your file cleanup algorithm works? I am considering on making a web version of your program as it doesn't work very well for Mac, and Dolphy is awesome


Yeah. In the old editor they seem to effect a cloned version of the object (some sort of connection) but since self isn't there, that explains all.

I've noticed that the Bump collision rule is a lag consumer. If you leave when "anything bumps anything" it seems to effect the project because everything is bumping each other. The kilobyte size is probably expanded during this glitch.


That would be awesome :scream::smiley:


@t1_hopscotch how many computer languages do you know?
Which one is most laggy?



Hmm. I haven't seen that in any of the projects I fixed. Maybe it's an artifact of the way you're changing the json data.

Sure I'll explain it. But I'll have to go back through the source code to see exact what I did...


If anyone needs their project fixed or think it needs to be fixed. Just post me a link to the project.

And I'm happy to republish the exe if anyone has Windows and wants to try it.


I think I know what he means.

Tap a rule.

And when you insert '_is tapped' the iPhone look automatically comes up.


I was wondering what would happen if this project, which is most definitely suffering the effects of the file size bug, were to go through your program.


It'd make your project way faster.


It's probably what you meant, but just the editor & loading is faster. At least I haven't noticed player speed improvements...


Ah, thanks. Nifty! Sorry for the misunderstanding, heh.


Wow, that project loads really slowly... let's see what I can do to fix that
Cleaning complete...

File size: 7.37 MB -> 183 KB
Traits: 2492 -> 79
eventParameters: 34914 -> 20

@Rawrbear You may have been right. The project does appear to execute with less lag as well.

What do you and NindriodGames think? Is the FPS faster too?


Wow, this works like a charm. Does it work on older projects?


Wow. The game is so fast now! Probably too easy now, lol


Hey @ThinBuffalo I've heard (and know) your really helpful with bugs and help with code topics. Me being an unnoticed HSer but also I'm wanting to learn more about the computer language, I was wondering if you could maybe help and tech me? -danaball20

Get our new (faster, smoother) update!

@ThinBuffalo, hi! You probably don't know me but @NindroidGames, @TheDrawer and I have a collab where we are working on a game... it is really laggy, as of now, and we are not even a third of the way done. Could you please fix the file size? @NindroidGames can give you more info if you need it. Thanks! :D


Hi @danaball20. I'd be happy to help you. Are you working on or interested in something specific?

Hi @FearlessPhoenix. Post a link for me, and I'll have a look. You can publish, get a link, and unpublish. The link will still work.