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I wonder if that is the reason why Rising, trending and game changers have been affected?


Yeah, a bunch of good people quit Hopscotch because of the lag and speed issues.


If you want to, I can compare the two versions.


@Rawrbear I thought that was done in a previous version


Hi @BlastFusion

Your project was definitely affected by the "file size bug". Here are the results of "cleaning" it:

12647 Traits -> 186
186 EventParameters -> 57

3.43 MB -> 400 KB

And it responds much faster in the editor now. Here's the link. Let me know when you have a copy back & I'll unpublish

Pokemon Gen 1: Limit Crashing

Thanks amazing! So so fast.
The only thing is, I already added some things in the older version, but, since it's very fast and smooth I can quickly add them in!


Woah! That's a massive difference. Probably would help my storage in my iPad.


Is that the old version (pre-Self) or newer version?


The old one.
Don't worry about self, @MR.GAM3R, I am nearly finished the game anyway, and I don't think it's too neccessary.


I wonder what projects have a consequence of getting affected by the "file size bug"


Yes, the web player did work in the version before the big editor update, but it was very buggy. THT wanted to design their app to be as shareable as possible.


Okay, just curious.


Basically all of my recent ones.



@ThinBuffalo, I've tried shrinking the file size, but I can't seem to get it back into the app. I got it down from 1.8 MB to around 736 k. (of course I didn't use an important draft, I just saved a laggy project as draft)
I did some experiments with new drafts and it seems like there's an increasing number of similar lines of code for each time you enter the draft. I tried removing them (there were like 5.8 thousand instances of a single "eventParameter"). How did you get the draft back on the iPad? Did you use a Mac? I do.


Hi @CreationsOfaNoob
I wrote a Windows exe.

This post from earlier in this topic might help you.

I wrote the exe to remove any unused EventParameters & Traits as these are the arrays I've seen with numerous extra elements added. I just search the object ID & if it's not used anywhere else, then I remove it.


The uploading back to the iPad is through iTunes so should be Windows/Mac agnostic. You delete the "json projects" folder in iTunes, then drag the folder (with the updated file) from the PC to iTunes.


Just tagging @awesomeonion - I figured that maybe she could patch the bug while you all are figuring stuff out yourselves for now.


I managed to get the file size of my Pixel Keyboard project down from 4.6 MB to 986 K...
It lags noticeably less :D


Awesome. Did you cleanup just the EventParameters or Traits as well?