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My intention is for this to be a general topic but to keep it related to Hopscotch coding.

I haven't quite decided but I may update this first post with various information that I feel could be of general interest. We'll see about that.

I'm also going to try out the idea of updating the title to reflect a specific (temporary) topic that I'd like to discuss.


So, first "topic".... A 1st person perspective game. After tinkering for a couple weeks, I've completed the framework to create a 1st person perspective 3D project. We're still talking about Hopscotch here, so I don't mean to imply that it will have fancy rendered 3d graphics. Objects/characters are 2D (always facing the "camera") but the environment also has depth allowing you move around in it. Think being out in a big field, where you can see the horizon, filled with flat objects (like life-size cardboard cutouts). You can walk around & turn in any direction. As you get closer to objects, they get bigger. As you turn, the objects move into or out of your field of view.

Of course I might be able add stacked text objects to give characters the illusion of being 3D (like the magmaPOP spinning 3D objects) if the perspective angles work out. But that would be a future implementation.

Points are described in 3 dimensions (displayed with perspective). This controls the center of objects & also allows limited graphics to be displayed with "dynamic trails".

My question is this. What type of simple 1st person perspective game would you like to see?


Maybe make it somehow Halowe'en themed?


Hi, I look forward to seeing your projects code.
How about a ghostbuster type game.
The ghosts can be invisible and only show on a radar.
The player has to lay a trap In the ghosts path and the ghost becomes visible when they reach the trap.
I guess the scene could be a graveyard.

I started using your 3D/2D scaling code with Tynker.
With a set layer block it's easy to keep sprites in the right viewing order.


@KVJ @Stradyvarious
Good ideas. I think that could work :ghost: :smiley:

Just over 2 weeks to Halloween. Nothing like time constraints to give motivation :wink:


True! Looking forward to it!

Tag me when you publish please!


I know that this isn't at all simple, but maybe a recreation of Rolling Sky? It's a really great game in the AppStore that has a lot of 3D features you pointed out in your previous posts. There's no pressure to complete this before Halloween. :joy:

I know that you asked for simple, but another idea might be a mini golf course or a first person corn maze.


I'm not familiar with Rolling Sky. I'll have to check it out!

A mini-golf (overhead view) was on my "to do list". That could be interesting with a 3D perspective! Another really good idea :smile:


How's this for a quick & dirty test of creating the visual affect of a ghost buster's zapper?

A still image doesn't do it justice (but here it is anyway). Check the project.


That looks great.
The electrical Zapps. look realistic.
Can you make the ghost get sucked into the trap?
Like falling to the trap while getting smaller and shaking


Thanks. And sure. Catching it in a trap would be the next step I suppose. Thanks for the feedback.


I've always wanted an actual Minecraft in hopscotch. You seem like someone who understands a lot of concepts of coding so I brought it up. :D
No one has ever made an actual first-person minecraft.


So be honest, I just went and googled minecraft to see exactly what it was.... After asking them, it turns out that my kids play, so I'll have to get them to show me more about it.

I love the idea and desire for trying to recreate something like that on Hopscotch. On a very small scale, the mechanics might be reproduced. But my initial thought is that the scope of the game and the graphic requirements are well beyond something that could effectively be created on Hopscotch. Maybe there's an opportunity to be creative and come up with some sort of a simpler, more basic version?


Thanks @ThinBuffalo!:grinning:

If you know what a Rasberry Pi is, what do you think of them?


Mmm raspberry pie... j/k. Yeah, I know of them. I've used a Basic Stamp, a kind of predecessor to the Raspberry Pi, for academic robotics projects. Hear good things about the Raspberry Pi, but I've not used one.


Cool! Minecraft is such a cool game, I play it. COAN, or CreationsOfANewb, has a simple version of Minecraft, I can find a link if you want.

I would love to see what you can make of Minecraft! :smile:


@Dude73 Yes, please :blush:


Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Here's the project
Hopscotch O

The size of objects is set by the first Set Size (black circle)
Later in the Check If block, the color is changed for some of the objects (red circle). This Set Color was causing the size to change! The size of those objects was being made much smaller. So I added a new Set Size block (blue circle) but when the size is 50 (same as above), the size doesn't go back to 50. If I change it to 50.1, then the size is changed back to what it was.

I'm hoping a few hops could edit my project,
1) removing the blue circled size change, and see if red circled Set Color is making the objects change size for you too. It's 2 places in the same when event. Remove both.
2) Then without the Set Size 50.1, set that green color (and magenta) to the same blue as above (ie, no color change), and see if it's not changing the size.

When I remove both Set Size 50.1 blocks, I get this

Last night, when I was making the project before I added the outer circle, I was getting this

Just adding the code for the outer circle apparently changed the anomoly with the inner circle...

Help! Lost hours of work on my project!

Assuming I followed those steps correctly, I got this


@KVJ Thanks. That's what I'm getting as well.

Do you see any errors in my code that would cause that?