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This requested shop/currency is started by me (@TB23) and everything is handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the #shops-and-requests or #competitions-and-events categories, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible for any of the transactions here.

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Tʙ𝟸𝟹 | Commission Shop

Hello and welcome to Tb’s Commissioning Shop.
This is where Master Artist and Space Captain TB will take all commissions for artwork, whether for projects or a profile. And now, a message from TB himself:

◈》Thank you for stopping by Space traveler. Here I will be taking your art commissions, not requests. The difference is this: I will be accepting seeds only for all commissions here, but there will also be some special deals/bundles you can take advantage of while on board. If I give someone a free request, it’s because I believe they’ve earned it and that will cover them for payment. I will not be playing favorites. Please do not question my decisions with these things whilst under my ship’s roof.

《【About the Shop】》 (terms)

This is a pop-up shop
because this shop will always be on the move, the time it is available will vary. I will make an effort to be in this part of the galaxy as much as possible, and will finish all commissions made before closing the shop, but in the case that I don’t, I will still post your artwork during the shop downtime.

Product Availability
The products offered here will vary depending on what I want to (and can viably) make. Sometimes I will offer certain types of artistry, other times I won’t. I suggest stopping by regularly, and being on the lookout for changes to availability and the prices offered. Only fill out forms for the products that are currently offered. I am not interested in traveling the cosmos just to find information you leave out.

My time is also important
All requests will be done in any order I choose to complete them. I will let you know when your art is finished, so please do not constantly ask or remind me about your request. If I have taken longer than the suggested finish date, you may respectfully ask about the progress on your commission. Until then, sit back and enjoy the intergalactic entertainment we offer while abroad.

My health and IRL happenings will always come first and I will announce if any changes are needed to be made due to something like that occurring. If it’s something beyond my ability to control, there is a chance all commissions that haven’t been started yet will be dropped, and I will give out each affected user a Marshan mushroom beverage on the house as a thank you and apology for that. It is unlikely this will happen.

As fair as possible
I will try to keep it on a first-come, first-serve basis, but I cannot promise that will always be the case. This is because some might be faster and a lot simpler to complete, and sometimes I have just enough time to draw one of those. Please be patient, I want the experience to be the best possible for both myself and my customers. That being said, could we interest you in a jug of nebula meteor juice?

Always on the move
I will complete all requests within my schedule, and by using this shop you are agreeing to that factor. I will always try to complete a commission as soon as I can, but there are many factors to my availability to draw as well:

☛ If any large scale breach of the ship occurs, or if I have some off-planet business to attend to, expect the Shop to be closed and all commissions postponed until a further date

☛ Commission requests will be spaced out depending on what is requested. If you want to request a large, high-detail art piece, and you’ve already requested that day, you will need to wait two weeks before requesting it. I will be spacing out commissions like this so that I don’t overwork myself or be creating for one user constantly. More details will be included later in the OP.

For your commission to be considered, you must completely and correctly fill out the form below.

Thank you for reading the terms.
Now sit back and enjoy a light-year long list of some of my past artwork.



November: Game Art


January: Some Requests

Febuary: The Panther Phoenix

March: Hopscotch part 1

May: paste Pistol


I have posted quite a bit more art, but I’ll compile that later.

➲The Pricings:seedling:

Art Type Simple:hs_bear: Cool:hs_bird: Epic:hs_venus: Additional
Profile Picture 15 :seedling: n/a n/a
Game Sprite 10 :seedling: n/a n/a
Background 20-50 :seedling: 60-80 :seedling: 90-100 :seedling:
Game Cover 10-30 :seedling: 40-60 :seedling: 70-100 :seedling:

An easy, simple piece of art for your game that might take from 1 day to a week

:hs_dino: Cool
Nice background or character with attention to detail and more shading. May take 1-3 weeks to complete

:hs_gorilla: Epic
I spend as much time as I can on it and get it to you when I can. Has a chance of taking up to a month or longer to complete

:fire:Special Deals from the Outer Rim:fire:

Intergalactic Currency

I won’t be using it much, but having my own currency has always been on my galaxy crew’s bucket list

Introducing Intergalactic space coins
1 ISC = 10 :seedling:

(will be updated later)


All artwork will be posted in the DHT with your username tagged. All artwork will have my watermark somewhere in it. Do not remove the watermark. You own the image only to the extent of what you will be using it for, and the rights to the image still belong to me, as the artist. Do not use it for anything more than what you purchased it for, unless having explicit permission from myself.

Do NOT save any images I’ve made to your camera role or files unless I’ve given explicit permission to do so. After requesting a commission or if I’ve made something for you, only then will you be able to save the art, and no one else has that permission. If you’ve done this, remove the image from where it’s been saved immediately. If you are unsure of whether I have given you permission or not, you can drop me a tag about it. This is an honor system, and I expect that you all will respect my wishes. Thank you.

The Form

View the Form

Coming Soon

Currently not taking OC requests.

This Shop will Orbit regularly

Currently here on Visit 02

@/dolphinblast banner ocean
@/Heracc profile image


The Form

Please replace all italicised text with good answers, and remember to give as much detail as possible. The required answers have * next to them.

《 The Form 》

(You can remove any section that you don’t fill out so that there is only what is necessary for me to see)

Thank you for wanting to request!


You should probably set a pricing chart somewhere
(First to order from here hehe)

Oops sorry I didn’t see not active. Ignore this heh




Can’t wait!


Okay this is fine but please read the full post lol. I have all that info and I’ll keep your req noted but I’d rather not take any until a bit later. (When I’m all caught up on my work load atm)




My feelings exactly


I’ve also never run a shop here before so I’ll probably be editing it a lot before it’s up and running :hs_monkey:


I run two atm so if you need help lmk!


@TB23 How much would a each commission cost?


Alright I didn’t read this until now and I’ll actually accept this request since it’s very simple and won’t take up much of my time with my other big commissions right now. :+1:


Okay cool :hs_gorilla:


Not completely sure how much each should be so I’ll just figure it out as I go, seeing how often different prices are suggested for each request. For now there is nothing decided.


Could I get a white tiger @TB23?


hopefully this helps but once he’s ready, you can fill out the form and i’m sure he’ll be happy to draw that for you :))


A little bird told me that this topic would open soon… stay tuned



The Topic is now up and running. Please refer to the OP above, and do not leave the ship while in hyperspace. Thank you.


Cool shop!

I’m thinking of requesting a simple forum user card background (if that’s possible), and I was wondering how many seeds that would cost (just so I know everything is within my budget before I request).



(poll for claiming isc is broken)


you got to that before I did lol