TB23’s Q and A Topic

Ask TB23 questions and I will take them to him and hope he’s in a good mood to answer them on either a project or a video.

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Here I’ve answered some questions for you already!

Q Will my voice be in a video?
A :eyes:


1st non creator post

When did you start hopscotching & how?

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Which do you prefer? Hopscotch or Forum?

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What is your favourite thing about hopscotch?

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What’s one of your favorite all-time projects?
What is your proudest project?
Do you know any other coding languages

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Of course we now have 3 TB’s :roll_eyes:
Guess you all now need to answer some questions too ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Why did you decide to start coding?
Is coding something you would like to pursue in the future?
What is your favorite block in hopscotch and why?
If you could re-create any game on the app store in HS, which would it be?

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Ok I have enough questions, @SwimGirlStudios please clive thanks :))

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closed on request!

let us know if you want this topic re-opened to share your project/video here