Tapper Rewards Topic [NEW GAME] PLEASE LOOK


Hey everybody! I'm making a new game that will use accounts, it will be where people request an account on the forum, give me a username and unique password and every update I'll add more accounts. The purpose of the game will be to tap an object a certain amount of times, then it will give you reward points every time you tap the amount listed, it will start over and give a new amount, also sometimes that object will change color to black and if tapped will start over that level. Using screenshots you can post me a picture of your highest score and I will save that score into your account so that you can start from that level. Anyways, reward points will be showed to me using screenshots and you can buy rewards here. Anyways, that's pretty confusing. You will see later.

Some Polls

Okey Dokey! Here are some polls about the game:

Should I add a guest option
A guest option would allow you to play without an account, but you would not earn reward points. Here is the poll.

  • Yes
  • No


Do you want to be tagged when new features come out?
If so, I will add you to a tag list. I can't add any more polls, so it will be on post 35

That's all the polls for now! I will add more as the game progresses.

Game Status

Most recent link-New link
Status-Done with login, starting game mechanics.


Username....... Highest Score

EP125---------- Level 0
happyfacegirl--Level 0
MrBlahBlah---Level 0
Bluedogmc-----Level 0
MR.GAM3R----Level 0
LightningSky---Level 0
GLaDOS--------Level 0
KVJ22-----------Level 0
Thebestest------Level 0

Accounts In Waiting


Reward Shop

Sorry no rewards yet! I still need to make the game!

The Tag List!

Here is the list of everybody who wants to be tagged when new features come out:

The list


More Info

Here is the form for accounts, I will be accepting Four other accounts this update.


Username Wanted-
Password Wanted (Only numbers, four digits)-
Highest Score Yet(Optional)-

Also, you must remember your password, if you forget I will attempt to retrieve it.
One more thing... I may not reply fast as I may be working on the game.

This is a long topic! XD This will be a complicated game. Also...




First like, first reply!

I think this game will be great!
Unfortunately, I can't join.


I'm so excited for this game! I'll start making the login mechanics.


Ok, why? It's not a collab... Don't worry though! :smiley:


I know it's only been 4 minutes, but zzzzzaaaappp


Can I have an account?


Yes! Just fill out the form!


I'm changing it to four! Remember you can still request after four have joined! You will be added in the next update!


Oh duh... I so knew that xD


There is no link yet, that is for the future sorry, but you can post high scores once there is a link :smiley: You are accepted, let me edit you in.


You are in now! Yay!


Ok. So when you have the link then will I will play it and give you my high score?


Yep! And every update I will make it so that when you sign in, you can start from that level, therefore earning more reward points!


Ok, I'm all caught up! Great! Ok bye! When u give the the link me will something like you with my backup accounts that I totally don't have...



Okay you are accepted! Sorry for the late reply, I had to do a chore.


It's not late! It's was all under 1 minute! That is quick!


Yeah you are right. I just think it would be late, some of my real life friends get mad if I don't text within one minute.


Oh! @TheRealBlah! I forgot to say, but each passcode must be four digits! Sorry for the inconvenience.


No offence but maybe they shouldn't expect it to be that quick. Ask your mother if she knows how slow the Internet was in the 80's