Tapper Banks not working!



I've made a bank in my tapper game but all of a sudden it doesn't work.... This might be a glitch or bug in the system.


What is the code like? (Screenshots please!)


Like this:


Ok, cool, so what do you want the bank to do?


You pay the bank ten thousand dollars than the bank should be increasing the amount "bank dollars" by one percent every second. Here is the code:


Sorry, I still don't get what you are trying to do....


Ok so you pay the bank 10,000 dollars and it should increase the amount bank dollars which activates the bank. It should also increase it self by one percent every second. It also should round it self.


Ahh I think I get it! So you want to round the "Bank Dollars" am I right??


Welp, I've fixed it myself but thanks for your help anyway!:grin: