Tapped vs. Pressed



One thing I've been wondering about for a long time is:

What is the difference between "when character is pressed" and "when character is pressed"?

Has anyone figured this out?


Hi @BarkingSeal! I hope this will answer your question!

Pressed is when the ipad (or character) is held down.

Tapped is when the iPad (or character) is clicked on.

So basically, pressed is the iPad being held down while tapped is not held down and is just clicked on.

Hope this helps! Just ask me if you have any more questions!:grinning:


Hey @BarkingSeal I'm guessing too you mean the difference between "When character is tapped" and "When character is pressed" :smile:

  • When character is tapped runs the code whenever your finger first touches the character.

It only runs the first time, and will only run again once you have lifted your finger and touched the character again. You can use it when you want a rule for a button that you want to work when you tap it for example.

  • When character is pressed runs the code all the time when your finger is touching the character.

You can use it for something like drawing when you want a character to leave a trail when you press on it.


Character is pressed This action can only be activated when the character is being pressed or held down.

Character is tapped This action can only be activated when the character is tapped.

Hope this helped!