Tap to scroll to top?

I hope this is the right place to suggest an improvement to the app!
In many iOS apps, you can jump to the top of a page, or list, by tapping up at the top edge of the screen. In email apps, web browsers, Google Drive, etc., this “shortcut” works.
My use of Hopscotch would be much improved if this shortcut were available in all the tabs on the HS app. For example, I’d like to be able to scroll down through my many drafts, then tap at the top of the screen to instantly jump back and tap MyClass to go check out my students’ projects.
Am I alone in feeling frustrated at the lack of this feature?
Thanks!! Hopscotch rocks!!


Hey there, welcome back!

Maybe you could add a poll to see who likes this idea?


That would be super helpful when coding!


Yes! There, too!


this does work when exploring the community; but nowhere else. would like it to be consistent everywhere. maybe the buttons at the top can be attached to the top of the user’s screen instead of the top of the page?


Good idea! Also showing the time/date bar would be nice


Good idea! I like to scroll down to people’s first project (for some odd reason) but if I want to go back up again I would need to scroll all the way up or exit and re-enter


I like this suggestion, and it would definitely make Hopscotch more enjoyable to navigate.

For the time being, though, I think this tip might help you –
You can tap and hold the scroll bar, then drag it to the top or bottom of the page to scroll up or down really quickly. I use it sometimes to quickly scroll to the bottom of a user’s profile (by holding the scrollbar at the bottom of the screen) and to scroll back up. This actually works with any scrollbar on iOS, both inside and outside of HS.