Tap not working


I’m working on a sort of clicker (creative, i know) but the click thing wom’t work


Okay, so what are you going to do more exactly? Do you want the bar to fill up more and more when you tap the cow?


Ok just gonna get a cup of coffee then I’ll help


You know what coffee can wait. You haven’t used Draw a trail blocks, just change colour

Make your code like this

And ignore the “rectangle”


Why did i not see this


It does make sense what you did but it’s not right

I mean why wouldn’t change colour make a trail, from no colour to some colour


I had the code for the thing filing up but i moved it outside of the trail draw so it would be in the “is taped”. I just forgot to put it back into a trail draw


Is this what you wanted?


No i fixed it already


Cool. If you need help, just ask.