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Hopscotch March Madness

Some spots are open. This is not basketball. Only annually held in March. It's…

Hopscotch March Madness!

And Steph Curry makes the shot…

No, not that kind of March Madness. It's a coding competition, including your favorite Hopscotchers, including OrangeScent1, Gilbert189, SmilingSnowflakes, Anonymous, and more! Be sure to join as soon as possible, for barely any spots are left!

iPad in progress…

We are currently making an IPad!

It includes:
• Hopscotch! Of course the most famous (and the only!) coding game we know!
• A keyboard! What would Safari be without a keyboard?
• An App Store! Of course how would you be able to play games without getting them?

It's coming soon to an app near you for...


Friendly Tag List


Shoutout Of The Week!

Every week, we will publish shoutout projects. We just published one.
Shoutout goes to…



Thanks For The "Nice Topic" Badge, Everyone!

We just earned the "Nice Topic" badge from this topic (it was probably the friendly tag list)! That is the second time we have earned it!

Interview Requests

We are now taking interview requests! Just fill out the form and you will probably get a story!


Forum Username:
Hopscotching Since:
Hopscotch Username:
Why Pick Hopscotch:
How Did You Find Hopscotch:
What Are You Good At In Coding:
Do You Like Hopscotch:
Story Title:

Coming Soon: The Hopscotch Forum In Hopscotch

You heard it…We are making a scrollable Hopscotch Forum! We are adding the most popular topics, popular users, and it is scrollable! It is pretty much just a template where you can like. We can't really make a real forum. The keyboard will be hard, though.

Harry Potter Club! Quiz & Project Challenges!

We are creating a Harry Potter club. Do not protest, we will be giving out project challenges. Every Saturday (Eastern Time), we will be posting links for a quiz question or a project challenge. The ones who add the project link or quiz remix link by Friday (Eastern Time) advance. The ones who don't, however, are eliminated. Last one standing is the ultimate Harry Potter Hopscotcher fan (besides us)!

Sign-Up Form

Forum username:
Hopscotch username:
How many books have you read:
How many movies have you watched:
(Quiz question to test your knowledge) Give me Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger's full names (shown in the 7th book & movie):

Smooth Background Requests

We are now taking smooth background requests! They come with a quote! We recently learned how to do smooth backgrounds, so we are taking requests!

Smooth Background Requests Form


Helping @SmileyAlyssa With A Glitchy Profile Project

Amazing, right? We get to help @SmileyAlyssa, the famous Hopscotcher, with a glitchy game! It is a hack-her-profile game! Real projects, create button, drafts, published, and favorites tabs! There is a drawing pad, and more!

Pusheen Fan Club! Join Now! Pusheen Projects!

We have started a Pusheen club. Do not protest, as I have already gotten "keep it Hopscotch-related" replies. And we will be making Pusheen projects.

Sign-Up Form

Hopscotch username:
Do you like Pusheen:
Do you like coding:
Forum username:
Favorite picture or GIF of Pusheen:

Smile: @SmileyAlyssa's Interview

Forum username: SmileyAlyssa
Hopscotch username: SmileyAlyssa :blush:
Hopscotching since: October 2015
Why pick Hopscotch: It is so cool! you can make anything you want!
How did you find Hopscotch: I saw it on my friend's iPad
What are you good at in coding: Games, quotes
Do you like Hopscotch: LOVEEEEEEEE IT
Story: "I automatically go on Featured once because I did so much code!"says @SmileyAlyssa, the famous Hopscotcher. That does happen often. Except she has had a Featured drought. She hasn't been on Featured for a week. She has had 4 projects on Featured:

  • My Holiday Card /w Mini-games!
  • Lava RUN!
  • Personality Match!

That makes her the best Hopscotcher we have ever known. Go @SmileyAlyssa! Her coding partners are @RubyWolf1 (RubyWolf☆ on Hopscotch) and @SoBit (SapphireWolf on Hopscotch). She says we were like her first fan—ever.

RubyWolf's Projects: @RubyWolf1's Interview

Forum username: RubyWolf1
Hopscotch username: RubyWolf
Hopscotching since: April 2015
Why pick Hopscotch: It's great for coding heaps of creative things!
How did you find Hopscotch: I had to download it for school and I saw my friends playing it.
What are you good at in coding: Lots of different things!
Do you like Hopscotch: Yeah!
Story: "I'm going to start making pixel art and some quotes! I'm currently coding an iPod with music!" @RubyWolf1 says. She is currently creating an iPod—but, of course, she is helped by other Hopscotchers (no more spots). I wonder when it will come out! Be sure to tell us soon, @RubyWolf1! She is one of @SmileyAlyssa's coding partners. Her coding partners are @SmileyAlyssa and @SoBit.


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Thanks! It is kind of like MasterMind Creations's forum picture (no, we didn't copy his idea, just inspired by it), but on this, it can scroll, you can like, you can reply, and you can enter and exit topics! The user—you create your username! And you can't add a profile picture, sorry, profile picture is the Hopscotch logo. It will be done in about 6 months.


Wow! Sounds awesome, and I'll be waiting for 6 months ! :blush:


Sounds great I can't wait (hehehe that rhymes)


See what you can do about it! I don't know how to fix the glitches, I will have to do a whole new way. So this weekend just try, it's OK if you can't do anything to it.


Currently I am working on Lazylizard's top Drawing on a iPad compared to...

Well, you get the point.


Where is the link for the Hacker game?


Sounds awesome!!!!! Very creative!


Yeah! Thanks! This is for amazing Hopscotch news. I made an interview topic, if you want one.


I did it already!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, please like my post on the topic or tag me, sorry, I didn't see it.


Request done, it is up there. I added the title, it was too long, but I changed the title into the story and added from there.


The iPod isn't a collab other people are just helping me :wink:


Okay, you missed the story, is it okay (yes, I will edit that part)?


I'm confused what do you mean?


Well, you missed the
question, so I kind of did it, but is it good?


I thought i did......... But it's good


Not me Sabrina! My cousin.


You did the
Story title:
one, and missed the
one. They can get confusing, I don't blame you for missing them.