Tankt2016, Sweetlina, StarKid, and Fintastic05 Topic ONLY!



Hi guys, I think we Should become a Coding Group, so I think we should have a Collaboration Account and dicuss our projects and things in This topic.
Once we all get Regular we will put this in the Lounge.
Sounds good?


Hey ! This is unfair ! You are excluding other people from this ! It is mean !


We are a coding group though.


I do not think this is mean.

They are Collabing, as a lot of other people do.


Yeah, we are @Collabing.


But this is only for them ! Read the title ! I want to join as well but ' apparently ' I am not allowed !


By the way, I think you should do a sign up sheet, not randomly pick partners. :wink:


Who are you talking to ?


We are a coding group and there was a sign up sheet thing


I am talking to @Starkid. :slight_smile:


Can I have the link to the topic?


Ok one sec...


These people were picked for a collab. So only they really have to chat here when they are working on the project, they aren't excluding people.
You are allowed to have topics like these as long as you choose the people already C:

They already choose the people, here they will talk about the collab :D @Silverdolphin
You can try joining another collab tho!


Oh @MiracleShoutouts they are not doing any enterings anymore


I know.

I just would like to see the topic. :slight_smile:


Ok ! I will join another one but you should make it more clear that it is a coding group !


Here you go @MiracleShoutouts: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/coding-partner-needed-two-hearts/17443/86


Oh, by the way, MiracleShoutouts is the boy on this account, but I'm your coding partner.


Maybe you should put off "ONLY!" of the title so that people wont get offended and say "collab".


Ok let me try that