Tankt2016, PP, and AHC duel!


@tankt2016 let's continue our fight here
@kiwicute2016 please merge


Wut? What duel stuff?


From "actually Minecraft in hopscotch!" Topic


Ummm... it's not really related to Hopscotch...


I agree. I'd like us to merge into an old Collab so we can actually duel.


We're having fun though!

Hits @tankt2016 with value blocks



pops head around corner hey you! shoots Tankt and Friendship with coded spiders


throws a bunch of coded tacks @ahappycoder with bow and arrow


AHC ducks, and the tacks miss @friendship2468


Shoots bow and arrow at @ahappycoder's iPad and it breaks the whole iPad


Hits you with a repeat forever loop


Coded OC Little Snail, marches in with gun blazing and and forcefields on full power


*awkwardly sits in corner watching battle*


shoots coded Paradox marks at CC, Little Snail hit's @friendship2468 with stun beam. @tankt2016 hit's little snail with one of AHC's coded spider, the spider bounces off the forcefield


shows @AHappyCoder a Justin bieber meme...
She dies


I am a boy. Little Snail revives AHC, then warps into the 5th dimension, shooting 5D laser beams at everyone


Um guys this is not hopscotch related and it's a bit violent​:thinking::confused:


shows @ahappycoder Justin bieber and he faints



Is it too late to say sorry? (See what I did there?)


Hits Friendship with some sins and cos