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(Credit to TheDeliciousOrange and ThatEnglishMuffin, who did these first and are probably starting a trend lol)
So ima just post random FTU (unless I say otherwise) tutorials on random stuff every so often.
they’re all FTU unless I say otherwise
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Making A Drawing Pad
Getting A Project Link

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how to use VALUES (aka variables)

So values might be slightly complicated, but they’re the most helpful block I’ve ever used (in my opinion).

What are values?
They’re the light yellow blocks, by the math operations.
They’re also known as variables but ima just call them values.

You use the yellow Variable blocks to set the value to a certain number.

What do they do?
Ok I don’t know how to do this without an analogy lol so…

So Lola wants to tell all the shapes to turn a random color when the iPad is shaken, and she only wants the shapes to change color once.
She can’t use When: iPad Is Shaken because if the iPad was shaken more than once, the shapes would change color more than once, and Lola only wants the shapes to change color once.
She can solve this with values. How?
Welp I haven’t gotten to the tutorial yet and that’s where I’ll say how.

the tutorial
So let’s say you’re the Lola from that story above. You have to make the shapes change color only once.

Now you could use a When: iPad Is Shaken “when” block, but that would allow the shapes to change color more than once. That wouldn’t work, you only want the shapes to change color once.

Or you could drag out another object — let’s say Chillana, and add the code below as Chillana’s code.

And that code will let the shapes know when the iPad is shaken, and using values and the code below, the shapes will know to only change color once — when Value 1 equals 1, the shapes will change color, then set Value 1 to 2, and they won’t change color again because of the Check Once If (Value 1) does not equal (2).

The Check Once If tells Chillana to not set Value 1 to 1, if Value 1 already equals 2.

So concluding, values can help your objects tell another object to do (or not to do) a certain movement, color change, size change, etc.

Sorry if this wasn’t clear!

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Feel free to ask any questions you have!!


Your tutorials look awesome so far. Great job with that!


So what tutorial should I do next?

  • Trail art techniques
  • Clones
  • Making an art pad
  • Other (please reply)

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Maybe an art pad, when I didn’t know how to make one, I struggled, and everyone wants to make their own art pad because its their art and to avoid the remix sign, right?


Ooh yeah
Ima do that!

Hey! I am going to runs some coding lessons (since I have been hopscotching since 1 year)

Please vote on the poll below to let me know what you would like to see. (You can choose up to 2)

  • Sine and Cosine
  • Math
  • Variables
  • When blocks
  • Any Block group category (reply)
  • Other (reply)

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Maybe since there are other coding academy’s or lessons, you could ask the others if you could help teach a lesson there. It would help the forum stop being filled with all of these lessons.

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(Btw you don’t have to give credit to me, @Viridescence should get it because he made the first one)

Nah it’s cool tankt the tutorial ideas been around for a long time

Sine and cosine are math you know.

So apparently these tutorial topics are getting merged lol

Welp feel free to share this
I could add you in the title

Hey guys, if you ever need help with code, lemme know! I’ve been on Hopscotch since 2016! (Different accounts) Also, I might just randomly post tutorials and game updates!
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Who would like to participate in helping with the tutorials?

  • Meh idk
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  • Nah

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Ask to join!

Thank you for reading!


Hope this will help those who need it in the future!

Lol TDO and TEM did start a trend…


I’m sorry if I kinda got your :bulb: idea.
Y’all credit to @tankt2016
I just realized you had a topic like this

You don’t have to give credit and it’s ok if you got the idea for coding tutorials,

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I can help you with doing tutorials if you would like! Just tag me and say what´s needed :slight_smile:


I’ve been on the same account since 2016 too!

Ooooooof we did but that’s cool, the more tutorials the better.

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