Tankt got suspended?


How did he get suspended? He is so nice! He would never hurt anyone's feelings!! Check his user card! Omg no!!

Just a personal messaging topicā€¦


Oh nooooo!!!!!!


Especially since he is a leader it is surprising :0


He did hurt my feelingsā€¦


Was he a leader? :D


Yah he is a leader? Anyway, they are always nice tho


Hmm, he's still Member, I think. IDK


Guys, I don't think we should talk about this, it was getting a bit heated before. I trust the mods'/admins' judgement, let's just wait it out.


Yes I think he is. Either that or he's regular.


Yes, we shouldn't talk about it, it's a bit of a touchy subject and could cause flame wars. I think I should close.


I pretty sure he's a member...

He's definitely not a leader!


Tankt isn't a Leader. He got suspended for a good reason. Don't worry. It's like a cool down. I'm going to close this, because we're gossiping, and that's not allowed. Let's just take a deep breath.



Gilbert won. I'm too slow. XD