Tank battle royale OFFICIAL topic

This is the official Tank battle royale topic. (Like @/Rawrbear )
Here you can suggest new items, skins and ideas for the game.
You can also report bugs using this template

what happend
Steps to retrace bug
Image/ screenshot

Play the game here Tank battle royale


The first ever version of Tank battle royale was a my first excellent and this is what it looked like

Then from that I made other versions with portals and air strikes. That wasn’t enough for me. Months later a when I was more advanced in coding I made a second version with a shop and obstacles and the tanks actually moved. It still wasn’t the best it was very buggy. Now I have put lots of my skill into it and it now better than it ever was before. But wait I’m still trying to make it better by adding more skins squishing and squashing every bug I can find. Now I’m here.




Cool. I look for any bugs.


Please do. We need to make this as good as it can be.


Nice game but kinda buggy with movement


Yes that is because of lag.


Ok everyone I have added two new skins, a mando skin and a baby yoda skin.

I can’t find the “remove ads” tab

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It’s in the shop in items.

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Hey there! Is there any way you could turn this more into a place to test new features before they become public (like beta testing!) ? We don’t currently allow for personal GPUTs


What’s a GPUT?

Ok I will make a beta testing topic.
@PumpkinGirl clive please.

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General project updates topic

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