Talking bad about yourself


I mean, we all have done it sometimes but it really isn’t worth it. Talking bad about yourself won’t get you anywhere. I mean if someone compliments you, say thanks instead of turning it down and call yourself the opposite. If you think it will get you anywhere in life, it won’t. It’s not just here, many many people criticise themselves because they don’t practice. I mean, you won’t be someone like Leonardo Da Vinci (correct me if I said it wrong) the first time you draw, so you are obviously going to be not the best at it. And there is no point saying you are bad at art if you don’t even practice.
Talking bad about yourself is as bad as boasting/bragging about your achievements. If you try your hardest, there is no need to talk bad about yourself. The best thing you can do is congratulate others on their work. You may think it is nothing, you aren’t hurting anyone else’s feelings but your own, but your turning down all those nice compliments instead of using them to get further. And I have to admit I’ve done this before, but I learned from my mistakes and used them to get better in life.
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