Talking about "SBYP"



Hi!!! Here I am going to be talking about the whole “SBYP” thing. Just incase you didn’t know, SBYP means Search before you post :)

Sooo, I think a lot of people tend to misuse “Seach before you post” and what I mean by this is, there are some topics that are just fine and don’t need to be closed just because there is a similar topic. Yet somebody still went and posted: “Search before you post. There is already a topic like this.” :o

What if someone made a Hopscotch coding club and they made a topic for it. Then, about a week later, somebody else unknowingly made a really similar topic for their Hopscotch coding club. Should you say to search before you post? Nope! It’s not like these topics are exactly the same, and they are both about coding on Hopscotch. So don’t use “SBYP” here ;D

How about if someone made a topic telling a bunch of cool forum tricks, and then someone else unknowingly made a topic that was really, really similar two years later? Think it’s a good idea to tell them SBYP here? No! The topics may be really similar, but if one of them was made two years ago the forum tricks on that one may not even work with any new updates. Plus, even if you revive the old topic a lot of users tend to go on new topics more anyway so it would probably die again. Sometimes new and updated topics are good! (^-^)/

Sometimes you really should say to search before you post though. What if somebody unknowingly made a topic about drawing that was incredibly similar to the current and active drawing topic? You would probably say to search before you post then. Only if I were you, I wouldn’t say “Search before you post, there’s already a topic for drawing” because that can hurt feelings if the person making the topic didn’t know. Instead, I would say something like: "I think there’s already a topic just like this, although a topic for sharing your art is a cool idea!"
Here’s a link to another cool topic telling about other things you can say instead of search before you post:

And that’s all I wanted to say, thanks for reading this topic! And remember: This was meant to be a message for anyone and everyone, and I was not aiming this at anyone specific. Sorry if it looked that way or if I hurt anyone’s feelings, it was not intentional :)

Also one more thing- I did search before I made this XD but the topics I found were really old plus they weren’t saying the same thing I was trying to say here, so, yeah. ;D



I agree…


Same here! This makes sense. What if one coding club was too crowded?


That’s one really good reason you shouldn’t say SBYP in that situation! :D


Yes!! My friend @FireGirl3Acer got super sad when someone said SBYP to her in a mean way. Her topic was going to be way different than th wither ones, but instead it got flagged. What I also think is creepy and kind of mean that some forum people are like snooping around the topics and they quickly just flag everyone without telling why. Normally this happens to new forum users, and it can really hurt!!


This happened on my old account. It made me sad, so I quit. This is my new one, and you guys have been so supportive and nice!


That sounds bad :o
That is a another good reason why you should be careful how you say to search before you post, and why sometimes you shouldn’t say it all ;)


Yeah. Another thing is that people should really describe ap exactly what their topic is about because some people might flag it. I had this one topic and I forgot to tell how it had to do with writing and drawing and it got flagged.


Yes, this something everyone should know too! ;)


I remember (on my first account) that something similar happened to me… but it wasn’t the SBYP thing, it was "all topics must be related to Hopscotch"
I nice topic (as always XD)



Occasionally true. Sometimes not.

This is fine. It didn’t offend anyone in a summer 2016 and it shouldn’t now.


Oh noes ;-;

Also thank you! :D


Same!! Because I was new, I had no idea what I did wrong! Sad times


That is “fine” but it isn’t the best way you could say it. And anyone back then isn’t everyone any other time, so it’s good to watch what you say, especially since even the smallest things people do can effect others in big ways :D


Also, even if you do search before you post, a lot of things can be different or not exactly what your topic is going to be about. I search before I make atopic and most of the time there are similar stuff, but I will always make it different.


Yeah. I made a joke topic on my first account. I was going to post it on Hopscotch, but it got flagged. :frowning:


Mine didn’t get flagged, it was just a friendly reminder, but the 11 year old me got really sad and left the account


I was thinking of leaving too, cause mine actually got flagged and like 3 people started to get mad at me for my topic “not having anything to do with hopscotch”


Mmm yes good
Cool and GOOD


I’m ok with everything I was not ok with