Talking About Revive [DISCUSSION]



*Before I start this topic I am just saying that I have already checked and there is no topic similar to this one so… please don’t say SBYP

Alright, so I have seen lots of people in their GT say “revive” and when you look at the date they were posting last say it was 3 hours ago, then you look when the revive was posted and it was 2 hours ago! It makes no sense to do a random revive instead of making a real post!

Here is another example, so sometimes when I see new topics posted like 5 or less minutes ago, then you look at the first post and it says “Bump” or “Revive”. You really don’t need to do that! It’s not necessary! You could tag friends or maybe the OMTL (if it’s important).

What some people do…
Revive people please come!
What you should do…
@ laserpais_friends want to chat??

Thanks for reading!


I revive a topic of mine every 8 days or a year


It’s okay to do on general topics honestly, since at this point we can be as spammy and off-topic as we want in general topics

But for other ones I would suggest adding to the conversation if people are going to revive topics so quickly :)


Great topic frenapai! Well said!


I revive my topic when it seems people are not noticing it or in a Collab I revive my topic to get people’s attention


Great topic laserpai! I agree with this!! :D


I mean, does it affect you? I agree with you but it doesn’t affect you if someone revives after three hours…


u can do that?!!!

I’m sorry i haven’t check the forum for 5 month…


People have been “reviving/bumping” topics since early 2016. I don’t really see much wrong with it, as long as you aren’t constantly reviving your topic (like, 5 times in one day)