Talk to me about Hopscotch



Talk to me here about how awesome Hopscotch is and all of those Hopscotchers out dere. @MobCraft is an amazing Hopscotcher, I just had to point that out dere. BADZZSZSSZS GRAMMERZZSSZSSZ FUR DAYZZZZZZ!!!


Y no do it on the other topic


Wow meme pops up, I just did. Dat Dubstep douh.


Mesa pretty sure that I hasa ONE THOUSAND likes on thisa forum


I have,
Likes Given 10897
Isn't that just so amazing.




Justin Beiber Voice, What do ΓΌ mean?


What's the use of this topic? I do no,t understand


You can talk to me about Hopscotch and stuff related to Hopscotch to me.