Talk to Hermione Granger Project!



I have created a new project that took me a while to make. Plz read the paragraph in the bottom left corner first.

Plz be honest I will not be upset if you say it's horrible. Votes are private.
Did you like the project?

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Plz also comment any tips or anything that I can improve. Thanks!


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At the end of the conversation, the text doesn't go away. It becomes smaller and then just repeats. I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think there may be some spelling mistakes. Other than that, cool project!


Hmm someone said it was the worst project ever. Can someone tell me why? Maybe I can improve


I voted it was ok and it was good
You should try making it interactive, because if the person isn't finished talking (aka me) and she just interrupts, I'm like "NO HERMIONE I'M NOT DONE"
or you could have a button that says "PRESS WHEN DONE" so then she can proceed asking questions
i really like the design of hermione though...she looks nice


Ok, thanks for the advice! Maybe I'll do V 1.2


It's kind of hard to read the text, maybe make the speech bubble have a plain white background!


I agree with this too ^^


Ok! I'll put that all in V 1.2


Thank you to the person who said it's the best project I've ever made!


I love the idea of a person talking but not IRL. I think you should have different options you can choose! I think my parakeet is trying to groom me right now


Wow cooooooolllll!!!!!!!
Nice expo


Thank you!