Talk to a Hopscotcher!


This is where you can @ a Hopscotcher and talk to them or ask them questions! Instead of making a whole new topic about it!



Great topic! :D
It's really useful. :D

I have a feeling that I will be using this sometime in the future. :D


Um...* TAKE ONE *
@AHappyCoder How long have you been hopscotchin?



@AHappyCoder What's your first project that ever got on featured?


@Stick88, why is your name Stick88?


About 1 1/3 years!


I'm not @Stick88 but...
Because they like sticks..?
It's a great username. :D


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@AHappyCoder What's your favorite project you made?

@Rawrbear Same as AHC's question.

@SmilingSnowflakes What was the first text art you made?

Idk random questions ^


This is a great topic! It will prevent future clogging. It will be good for congratulating or thanking people, for questions and concerns. :stuck_out_tongue:


Depends. :D

If I don't know where to start, or if I am doing something important, I would sketch it out. :D

Most of the time, it's experimenting, while the sketching part happens in my mind. :D

@CreativeCoder I think it was a pixel art...
If not, then it was a bubble.
I'll go check...


Mmmmmmmmm Maybe Mantid....Laser Snake....Tunnels Of Terror....Squirrelville....Idk


@CreativeCoder, how many features have you had?

@SmilingSnowflakes, do you ever get remixes from fans?

@RenegadeBird1, what inspires you to do pixel art, but also projects in general?

@AHappyCoder, what's the best part of making a game?

@Intellection74, who are your role models? Who do you admire and look up to?

@MYD, why do you always go out of your way to make people's day?

@PopTart0219, how has Hopscotch affected you?

@OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza, what inspires your great art?

@Kiwicute2016, how have you learned from your experience on Hopscotch?

@Rawrbear, why did you start Hopscotch?

@UptownStudios, what project are you most proud of?

@Bananadog, who is influential to you when drawing/coding?


does anyone have any other devices to play hopscotch on?


The graphics! And when it all comes together like adding the final value thingamabobs to Mantid.


Once so far.

3 people replied and/or @'ed me to this topic at the same time XD


Yes! :D

A lot of people wrote really nice messages to me on my penguin stationary, it made me smile a lot. :D
^ And made me feel really happy. ^

I see a lot of other kind projects, and they are really nice. :D


@Gilbert189 how many more accounts do you have?! :sweat_smile:


It makes me happy that I'm doing good things for the community and them happy because IM AWESOME, jk about the last part XD
Do you have any other accounts @Gilbert189 @SmilingSnowflakes @Doodliedoo


One, on the app!

2 features on that account!


xD ok...
Well, I made some pixel art, and decided, that, well, it was better and easier than making games. :3
Making other projects... you mean text art? It was inspired by @SmilingSnowflakes when she was the first famous person to like my projects. :D I branched off of her and learned more about text art and became so addicted that I created a second acc. xD