Talk to a hopscotcher (Take 3)


The take 2 was close to being closed so I made this, same rule apply here.


Ideas on projects I could make?


(Insert shrug person here)


@Gabe_N, do you have this topic on Watching, or did you change it?


Well I do now


I have this shirt...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


I think that @ahappycoder should have made this topic


No I dont like pizza




pasutaaahhhh <3


or was i supposed to pick up something else ;-;


@ahappycoder is not here to make it :(

But the old one hasn't been closed yet anyways.


Goodnight guys.........

what I'm thinking

A shirt with a. picture of you staring at your computer:
"I'm Hetalian. What's your excuse?"






That is one of the best ideas I have ever seen
You could probably sell that concept for money, you know. Shirt companies and such love simplistic/everyone-can-understand humor like that.


Ah, and, of course, I have the little birthday cake next to my name now.

happy birthday to me eheh

i'm just going to celebrate by myself now :D


Happy birthday, @XiaoMiaoMi! Have a great day!

I hope I'll have time today to make something for you. (8th grade.....)


Happ Birthday @FoodDelivery!!


It's weird to see this topic with 17 replies. XD


Yeah you are right!! Normally there is like 100s and 1000s


Happy Birthday @XiaoMiaoMi and @FoodDelivery