Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)


Now, I think the idea is alive and kick'in so I will revive.


These must be followed.

  • No "A Potato with an illuminati badge is eating my pillow" stuff.
  • Must not get out of hand so that I get it closed.
  • Seriously, don't get off topic :confused:
  • Do Not turn this into a chatroom

This is an example of the stuff that should be posted:

"Hey @CreativeCoder! How should I make good platform game physics?"


"@SmilingSnowflakes, can I have some help with making these bunny ears a bit better?"

Now, post away, just follow the rules and you will be fine.

Isn't this what the Hopscotch Forum is for? :/ Well, at least you don't have to make a whole new topic :P

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Well, I will try and set a role model for this topic:
@SmilingSnowflakes, do you know of a way to draw an egg shape in less than 500 milliseconds? Without using shapes THAT HOPSCOTCH DOENS'T SUPPORT? Sorry :grin: It was really annoying to find the shape I needed isn't supported in Hopscotch :expressionless:
That would be really helpful :D


Hey @System should I make a game where you get attacked by a wild unicorn potato?


Why you no edit ;-;


@SnowGirl_Studios when shall we do that collab we started talking sbout ages ago?


Less then 500 milliseconds?

... Try sine and cosine. :D

If you need help with that, I could help with creating a sine and cosine oval! :D



Yes! :D

I will go time how long it takes to create a sine and cosine egg... :D


:D Thanks! :D It is going to be an easter project :D:D:D:D


It takes about 4000 milliseconds (4 seconds) to create a sine and cosine egg. :D

... Use two of hopscotch's circle shapes?


How...? It would not be an egg...?


Put them close together, then connect with a rectangle or square that has the same width as the circles?



@oio, is there any way to code something that allows you to drag 2 objects at once? I'm stumped.


I heard that multi touch wasn't compatible with Hopscotch :confused:


I have a challenge for all you music makers... @Anonymous especially... Make the dubstep part of this song into music on hopscotch. Seems impossible? Try it! link link

Edit: BTW it my favorite song ever


I know, but I've been trying to find a way to code something that makes it possible to. (It's probably impossible though. :frowning:)


Say wha...?


@SmilingSnowflakes, @RenegadeBird1, @randomowlsLC, do you know how to remove the jaggedness in small turning trails?

(The beak)


Could I see the codes? :D
I might be able to fix something... :D

That looks awesome! :D


I'm sorry for the egg, it was just testing….
There's not even an egg in the reference….