Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)


Awesome egg! :D

I think all of the division blocks on the increase values is what's causing the all the jaggedness, I think to solve that, is to remove a few, and find a number that is closest to number that would've been outcome of the dividing blocks... :D


I thought you said "moves like Jagger" XD


You could make the bird bigger, which would promote smoother trails. Or, you could make the "increase value" by 1 divided by a bigger number! Great job!

Sorry, I'm on computer. I can't see the code!


@Anonymous I asked you a question... Saying I thought you said moves like Jagger on that other thing does not answer my question.


@Bubbles4Ever929 You mean the part around 1:55? 'Cuz that part is totally possible! I'm sort of busy right now, though... May take a while.


Yeah the dubstep part.


@Bubbles4Ever929 Then yes, it's completely possible. Except for the weird volume-change-warpy-effect, Hopscotch doesn't allow you to change volume of a sound.


Yeah. I want that song in hopscotch (or just the dubstep)


@Bubbles4Ever929 Okay. Once again, it'll take a while.
Also, could you please tag me when you talk to me? It's rather irritating having to wait on this topic for you to respond.

EDIT: I hope that didn't sound rude. I wasn't trying to be rude...


Sorry @XiaoMiaoMi!


Scratch that! Can I have a simple rabbit shape art please? For an easter game!


Sure! :D

How big should it be, and what colors?
Where should I start?


1: About 100 pixels long and a whatever is a good proportion high
2: Doesn't really matter, but I would like to be able to customise them
3: You mean when? Well ideally today!


Any good shades or normal colors for HSB? @AHappyCoder




How is it going? I don't mean to nag, but I would like to start my game!


Good! :D

:D :D

I can get it done soon! :D
Maybe 45 minutes! :D


Hey, @BuildASnowman! How do you put this on hopscotch?


@BuildASnowman. I choose you cause you can understand this.


Well, try getting Kana, or copy/pasting these Kana shapes.


There's a lot, may want to get Kana.