Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)


I fixed it a while ago. XD


The last post was 9 mins ago!


Can some help me make a trail art big cat face?


Or just a cat. This is going to be a good project


Welcome to the forums @FoodDelivery!!


Welcome to the forum!
I am a huge fan of yours, I think you make such creative and awesome projects :D
You'll love it here! :D
There are a few rules, they're here in the community guidelines. :D

Tag me if you need anything! :D


Wait wat? Your on the forrrrrum :0
Welcome :DD
I like your projects a lot :D


awesome! I am actually stuck on ideas right now...


Maybe look through Steam for games?


how do i build a voting poll? sorry. This is confusing

  • Make a Food art?
  • Another Hopscotch editor art?
  • Or a game about frying a pancake


Choose up to 2 options

Votes are public.


poll will close by 20th of August 2016. @MR.GAM3R, wat's ur hopscotch username? Happy to give you a shoutout in my next project


I also am a big fan of your projects as well! "How to get strong internet" had be laughing for reals! :smiley:


Omgee u joined the forum


hi Fooddelivery I am a huge fan of your channel!


lol i think he reached his maximum posts! (for today)


Belated welcome to the forums! :smiley:


btw my Hopscotch name is Digits Of Pi


guys this is FoodDelivery. apparantly DA-BEAST invited me to the forums so i already had an account pre-made. Forget the one with pikachu in it.


@MR.GAM3R whats your hopscotch username?