Talk to a hopscotcher international


All you do is hold down on the key to add an accent.


Shoot my memory of French is fading ummm


I'm on a laptop. :stuck_out_tongue:
I know you can do that on an iPad, though!


It means, Hello (or good morning), how are you? (informal)
Have you ever taken French?


Łíkê thîś

That was just an example tho!




A Mac, or a PC?





hi i really simili għaġin u ate għall-pranzu aħħar lejl ui kellhom fdal minn dak il-lejl u oh kif i love me xi għaġin.

(hi i really like pasta and ate for dinner last night i had leftovers from that night and oh how i love me some pasta.)


My chinese school had a whole lesson on simplified and traditional characters, and the first thing I thought was, "No fair! How come simplified is so much easier to write?" :D


Bien Je ne sais quoi parler




!A mi también! Las tortugas son muchos... verdes...


¡Este tema es una buena idea! Todos tenemos que hacer es mantenerse en tema.


Yeah, I'm not that good, but I'll try...

And me too! The turtles are very... green...

How close was I @LazyLizard


Yep! You are correct!

¿Cuánto tiempo se estudian español?


Yeah I'm lost on that one...

I feel like you said something about me being a Spanish student


Um, if my horrible Chinese reading is correct, your asking who else speaks Chinese
I kinda know it.. I know enough to communicate, but not very well XD

I can't write, type, or read

But I can understand and speak well
And I'm too lazy to translate this


Yo no hablo Español
Yo sólo hablo Inglés


Ça va bien, merci
Et toi?

I'm sorry if I failed, that's how my teacher taught me XD