Talk In Emoji—Forum Game!



Yes, you can talk in symbols as well as emoji.

Please ignore the strange boxes.

Tags don't have to be in emoji.

Okay, here is how to play.

Player One: :boy:🏼:soon::sleeping_accommodation::heavy_check_mark:

Player Two: (player two is thinking: Hmm, what does that mean? I'll translate it.) Does your sentence mean "I will go to bed soon"?

Player One: Yes! You start the next one!

Okay, so do you get it? If not, here's some as-simple-as-possible instructions.

One person types something similar to:

[insert emojis and symbols to mean some Hopscotch/Forum-related sentence here]
Can you guess what that sentence means?

The next person to respond says something along the lines of:

Does it mean "[insert the second person's guess (of what the symbols and emojis mean) here]"?

The one that typed the emojis and symbols responds, saying "Yes" or "No" and can give no hints, but say how close they are.

Remember, keep it appropriate and in Emoji (SILLY AUTO-CORRECT! But it makes perfect sense…) nice, not mean and innapropriate!

I will start: :boy:🏻:heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_plus_sign: :girl:🏻:heavy_dollar_sign: :arrow_forward::iphone::video_game::space_invader:. What do you think that means?


I think there's a topic like this...


The HS team gets money if you pay money for IAPs?


Yeah there is
HFB made one :stuck_out_tongue:
But it hasn't been used in a while tho


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You are mostly chilly.

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how is this hopscotch related?


Oh, true. Also, secondary topics are fine.
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Yeah, besides, this is guessing what other people are saying, not chatting about Hopscotch in emoji.


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Also, secondary topics are fine because of cluttering.
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