Talk about the forum or hopscotch here!



Hey guys here you don't half to follow any topic BUT be nice no inapropriet things and no bad pics just please talk about coding or the forum and have fun!

By the way this is lounge I don't know what it meens so can someone tell me!?


The lounge means that it is only visible to regulars and above ranks!


Oh okay so then I may change it! So members can't see this topic?


Yep! Members cannot see this!


Well then I think I will keep it lounge because people are more likely to know more about the forum!


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You can change if it's in lounge or not! :wink:


I am keeping it lounge!


Ok...I hope this counts in the topic:
I made a custom BB-8 maker!


Cool and yes this is on topic!


I'll post a link!




I will check it out in a second!


Yours is cool! Or as @Follow4LikesOfficial would say: Yours is round!


What do you meen? Here is my bb-8


Follow for likes would make pun about BB-8 being round!


Oh! Okay sorry I was confused!


But what about the yours is cool part?!


That is the non-pun! @Huggingfluffybear


Yeah but I still don't get it!