Talk about Hopscotch


Talk about Hopscotch.

In this topic talk about Hopscotch.

What do you think of the new update?
What do you think could improve?
What Project do you think should be Featured?

P.S: Don't get Off Topic!


Cool topic! Also welcome to the forum!
isn't this what the forum is about though?



Do you like the new update?



What is your username on Hopscotch ?



They've made lots of improvements to the fluidity and look of the editor, making it a lot more flexible than it was before. :smiley:



I don't think you have seen me in Hopscotch but I am Sweetlina!

Welcome to the forum!

And yes I like the new update and it's new features they have added!


Welcome to the forum! I hope @KVJ comes to this topic...


Belated welcome! Tag me anytime!!

Thanks @ThePickle!


Great topic! And welcome to the forum @SmilingMoons! If you need any help just @ me like this:


Thank you.

For the welcomes everybody.



Are you an artist or a coder on HS?