Talk about Hopscotch projects that make you happy!



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There is sooooo much negativity on the forums so let’s be happy!! No sadness!! Don’t be sad evrrr!!!

To stop being sad we must be on topic too!! So talk about happy happy Hopscotch projects!! You know, ones that make you happy!!

Ok, start, now!!


oh you mean hopscotch projecs


no hopscotch projects make me happy because I don’t like hopscotch


Good reasons to be happy!!! But that is off topic so to please aariv I must Flaggy flag flag it


This is NEGATIVITY which is NOT ALLOWED!!1!1!1! Bad!!! Bad!!





Shame on u


thank you kind sir madam gender race person!!! this is happy and fun. time to celebrat!!!


i’m glad that you got inspired by my suggestion!!! we really needed this!!! @aariv, look!!!


Keep up the good work of positivity friends!!!
My FAVROTIE Hopscotch project is…hmmm…magic color box!!


next??? what the dncmdksnfkeklf,eksbfncvs,afjkedbfjv do you mean by next??? species does not understand.


The next person in line says what their favorite Hs project is


This is a bad word!!1!!1! Flagggggggg




Say sorry RIGHT NOW kid


my favorite hs project is the one about the Meows




Good job!!! You are being a good good positive examples!!