Talk about hopscotch in emoji!




Wait what BTW?!

Do I ever say that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:m::seedling: ®:e-mail::a::boot: :musical_note::a::m::e-mail: :round_pushpin::zap: :b::o::b:. :round_pushpin: :boot::round_pushpin::tanabata_tree::e-mail: :zap::a::ophiuchus::zap::a::e-mail:! :a::musical_note::ok_hand: :parking::round_pushpin::watermelon::tanabata_tree::boot::e-mail::zap:!! :a::boot::zap::o:, :flags::a::musical_note::watermelon::seedling::tanabata_tree::e-mail::seedling: :round_pushpin::zap: :a::e-mail::zap::o::m::e-mail:!


:muscle::puerto_rico::arrow_up:️‘:heavy_dollar_sign: ®️:puerto_rico::open_hands::nose:t3: :open_hands::puerto_rico: :arrow_up::dancing_women:‍♀️:nose:t3: :saxophone:!!!
That was supposed to mean “let’s revive this,” but it didn’t work.


Yoooooooo i remember you.


@tankt2016 @Huggingfluffybear

I thought all of you left


We took a break and stuck to secret-now-revealed accounts. ; )




Lol I never quit well except when I was 9 I kept saying I quit lol I just don’t get on anymore.