Talk about hopscotch in emoji!


Yay a! I am good at this!


Yes you are correct!




One day there was a....
:princess:, ✝:pisces:️☪ :princess: :tongue: 🦄, , ✝:pisces:️☪ 🦄. :hankey:. 🅾:capricorn:️ :princess:


Yay!!!! :smile::smile:


One day there was a princess she was hungry then she saw a unicorn! The unicorn pooped


:round_pushpin: :boot::ophiuchus::aries: :pisces::o:🅿:zap::watermelon::o::palm_tree::watermelon::pisces::bangbang:


No, one daw there was a princess she licked the unicorn and the unicorn pooped on her head


You said I luv hopscotch!!


Oh that was tricky!!


:laughing::laughing: Yeah, I wanted it to be, it can't be too easy :stuck_out_tongue:



:pisces::round_pushpin: :round_pushpin: 🅰Ⓜ 🅰 🅱:o::seedling: 🅰:musical_note::zap::round_pushpin: 🅰Ⓜ 9⃣ :seedling::e-mail:🅰®:zap: :o::boot::ok_hand:!


:eggplant::soccer:️✝:heavy_dollar_sign:🅰:parking::arrow_heading_up:zz🅰. :exclamation:️:heavy_dollar_sign: :cool:
(Sorry that the letter zz's are not emojis!! I couldn't find a emoji like the letter z)


Hi I am a boy and I am 9 years old!
(P.S I thought you were a girl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Ha I think everyone thinks I am girl!


Lotza pizza is cool!


@LotsaPizza is cool, not Lotza pizza is cool, but you were close! :blush:


No I knew you meen lotsapizza!


Oh, ok (And it's spelled mean, not meen, sorry, I just like correcting other people's spelling mistakes)


:arrow_forward::zero::capricorn:️:pencil2:✝. ☪🅾:parking::electric_plug: 🅾✝:floppy_disk::gemini:️:question: :parking::gemini:️:black_circle:️:parking::information_source::gemini:️:heavy_dollar_sign: :parking::question:☸:white_check_mark::gemini:️☪✝:heavy_dollar_sign::exclamation:️:exclamation:️