Taking User Card Background Requests!

I’m taking user card requests! I’m just making simple backgrounds, like this one

Or I can draw an animal for you!
Background form:
Colors(up to three):
Pattern(stripes, polka dots, etc.):
Smudging or not:

Animal form:
Extras(scars, patterns etc.):
Thanks for requesting! I’ll have them done soon!!

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cool! i might request later, but that is super cool!

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could I take a background Requests @DiamondDragon and do i have to fill out a fourm

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Yes, you can. Just fill out the form.

Animal form
colors:black white red green
Expression: happy

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Where on the body should the red and green be?

can it be like on a scarff around the neck

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It should be done in like 30 min because I have to clean up my room!

k thanks @DiamondDragon

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Here u go @blog! There’s a digital one and a paper one.

thanks @DiamondDragon

by the way could i use it for my profile picture instead of my background

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Yeah, I made it square on purpose.