Taking Trail/Pixel Art Requests!



I am taking trail art/pixel art requests! It can be anything from an anaconda to a zebra! (A-Z) Here is an example (this one was pretty easy, you can ask for more complex ones)

Just tell me what you want, and I’ll tell when it will be done (date approximate).


Dragon head.


Is that a request? If it is, what color and what features?


It is and it doesn’t matter.


Okay, I’ll try finishing it by the end of this week.


A circus tent! Red and yellow, please. You are awesome @GameCodingCrazy123! Thanks so much.


Thanks! I’ll do yours after Panthera’s


I have created a pixel art template I s like to see made.

It has over a hundred thousand pixels, you’d get featured.


why don’t you do it and get featured


huh bro

And, also, that pixel art is really impractical. I wouldn’t waste my time and make a pixel art with ‘over a hundred thousand pixels’, so, yeah.


Yeah, that could take decades…


A miniature bull terrier like this:

Here (he acts likE my dog…)


The black one? And pixel or trail art?


The white one, pixel art…


The whole dog?


Maybe a potriait of it…


Okay, I am not taking anymore requests until I am done with all of the others.