Taking Story Requests?



If you know me, (which you probably do XD), you know that I take drawing requests! You might also know that my first rising was a story, and that I get many compliments for my writings! So, I have come to the decision that I will take STORY requests as well as drawings! Here, you can request. Fill out the following form:

Story Genre:(Horror, Romance, exc)
Background:(Smooth [tell colors], basic [the ability], any color)
Title:(Bloodbath, The Girl With the Golden Hair, exc)
Length:(Number of chapters)
Characters:(Character names, traits, abilities)
Setting:(Where it is, if there are multiple settings)
Book 1 Book 2 Option:(Multiple book choice)
Extras:(Anything else you want)




Hey, @Lotsapizza, it's actually smart, story requests, just two quick questions, and also, just an additional (a bit off topic), but how do you start a new topic?
Two more questions, where will you post the finishing story, and does it come with illustration? I do have a story request... Though...
Genre... I write fantasy but let's go horror.
Background... I don't really mind as long as it's a cool Colour.
Title... The Wrong Tide... If that's to diffucult then you can do any title.
Length... To me the length doesn't matter, because it's quite hard to over load your writing...
Characters... The minor characters is all up to you, but I will tell you about the main character. Her name is Dorothy, scared and shy. People are mean to her. She is so thin and still rides her trycycle. She has long black wavy hair. She's always wearing a pink bath robe. Yup...
Setting... The spooky scene in an underground, abandoned, subway tube, otherwise at her house or school.
Book1/book2... I don't care.
Extras... Very ultra descriptive writing,

Well, thanks so much, you're drawings and writings are excellent. And Honestly think you're a great person.
(My hopscotch username is Alliband2)


Sorry, is romance allowed in hopscotch?


Haven't you seen those date animations?


I don't like them...


Same, can't believe the hopscotch team put one on feachered (spelling needed)


I mean, great coding, but you don't know how young people are that go on there.


So true, so true
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Story Genre: Mystery
Background:Blues, Greens, White, Purple
Title: Your Choice
Length: 2-10
Characters: Your Choice
Extras: age appropriate for kids 9+
Thanks so much


Genre: Tragedy
Background: Black and green
Title: The Dark Locket
Length: 1 chapter (at least 350 words please)
Characters: Regulus Black: 18, pureblood, white, black-haired, grey eyes, Slytherin, skilled in magic, Quidditch, and potions, part of the Death Eaters until Kreacher (grumpy house elf that gets beaten that cares about people that befriend him, such as Regulus) gets tortured by Voldemort a.k.a. Volnonose (powerful dark half-blood that only cares about immortality and magic) because he's used as a lab rat on a mixture of weakness/death.
Setting: Cave near an orphanage called "Wool's Orphanage". It has Inferi all around that will drag living people down with them to become Inferi too (Regulus meets this fate) and a canoe to go there as it's surrounded by Inferi-infested waters. Grimmauld Place 12, which Regulus starts in, and Kreacher ends in.
Book: Only one book
Extras: Regulus gets dragged down to the water and becomes an Inferi, Kreacher gets a locket that Regulus told him to get, and that king's crown Unicode text (♚) all around the background


Book one: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xpvlrspfn
Book two: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xq6vcjslr


I love it. its creepy