Taking Spinner Requests!



I will be making spinners like this:

Spinning Text:
How many angles it appears at (amount of clones, has to be below 250 or whatever the clone limit is.):
Waiting time: 250milliseconds-6 arms 500millisec-4arms 750millisec-3arms. Go off that scale for 180 clones, idk for other clone amounts.:
Arm length (how far the arms go out):

Also, with the waiting time, the more milliseconds, the slower it will break down.



The arm length is in HS distance.


Since it cant go 9 inches I just made it scrape the edge of the screen.


Love it!

I cannot like. :frowning2:



That's so awesome (the spinner)! :0

Here's a like: <3, I'm out of real likes so take a substitute. ;-;


I will convert the like into my language xD


Here's a like! :D


Do you want to request a spinner?