Taking Requests!



Hey, if you can't get on Hopscotch and view projects, then just tell me your requests here! I'll put up a picture of them because I love drawing! Credit to @LotsaPizza.


Aw! Thanks for giving me credit on this! I am not sure why, but it it super sweet! Anyway, I would like a request!
Black hair, long, with brown.
(Hair is preffered in a bun, with some hair falling out).
navy blue sweatshirt that says 122 TRACK AND FIELD and NYRR on the bottom, in white. (NYRR stands for New York Road Runners)
Black eyes
Pale lips, big grin, braces
blush! (natural)


Just some refrence, @friendship2468!


Can you draw me
Blond hair green eyes
Fashionable cloth pink dress
Hairstyle pulling it down


I'm giving you credit because I am using your art style of one width


Can you draw me?
Brown and light light brown ombre hair
long hair
light green eyes
normal skin color
white tank top with a half black sweater
and jeans


Okay! But please draw me... :wink:








I love it!!!! Beautiful.


Thanks! 202020202020


Thank you @friendship2468 its awesome!


You're welcome! 20202020


Hey do you want me to draw you ?


Sure. I have grey eyes and some dark green in them, too. My hair is a little bit above my shoulder. I have golden highlights in and side bangs going to the left from your view, a big, red chalazia on my left eye from your view and one on my top eyelid and my bottom eyelid on the other eye. I have peach skin which is pale a little


OK on my way!!!
Just one to check what's chalaza?


CHALAZIA is more than one Chalazion. It's a cyst that used to be a stye. Search up pictures of chalazion


I take requests on my other account..SkipStudios:yum:. I don't get any requests because I'm new:confused: