Taking requests *^*



I'm really bored so I'm taking requests. I'll be spending about 20-30 minutes drawing each one. I'm going to attempt to make them kawaii. :3 Just leave a description of your character below :arrow_down:
P.S. My username on hopscotch is Tori the Crafter :yellow_heart:

:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: ENJOY :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


You are drawing these on hopscotch, right?
If not, maybe you could? It's not really hopscotch related if not :0


Peach skin, black short hair, brown eyes, please! c:

Thicks! c:


Yes! I am drawing them on hopscotch :slight_smile:


@cherrycupcake Hi! I really like your work, and you are awesome!
Anyway, here's a request, if that's ok? Tell me if I need to add more.
Hair - Black
Skin - Light tan
Eyes - Dark brown
Clothes - White long sleeved shirt with black vest on top. White ribbon with red cross, on the middle of the shirt, and the vest not covering the middle of the shirt. Dark blue jeans.
Hat - Straw cone hat
Danke! (Thank you!) You are really great! :3


@Pingu Do you think it would it be hopscotch related if I drew hopscotch themed requests on paper?


I might end up drawing them free hand on paper because I can't draw for my life on the iPad,


Ooh! I have a better idea...


Could u draw a Kawaii....cute bear..that LaurDIY has and Alex wasabi gets annoyed with it...lol if u know what I mean!


SKIN-Olive tone
HAIR-Brown,long,and wavy
DRESS-A long purple dress with straps
SHOES-Black high heels
EXTRAS-Glasses-Black and square and Necklace-White flower