Taking requests from Crazy_cake


I am taking requests! For anything but games, that for when I have more time but art requests, requests for animals, and scenery. Please take advantage and ask! Thanks!- Crazy_cake


Can you draw me?
I have long blonde hair that is in two French braids (you can just draw long blonde hair if it's easier)
Blue eyes
And a sweatshirt and leggings
Thanks! Love your art!


Thank you lazy lizard I'll get on to it


Make a crow!


Thanks! I'm not gonna be on much though... I'm gonna try to snowboard on a thin layer of ice.... Wish me luck. :wink:


Good luck @LazyLizard


Done with the crow, I hope it's good


It's awesome!




I failed. Well kinda gave up it was so slippery!


Ya... Where I live it's snowing!!!:snowflake:


Let's get back on topic