Taking requests for next Hopscotch video


It's time for us to make the next Hopscotch video and we're taking requests. If there's something you think we should cover, we want to hear it!

Some suggestions:
- the video should help you make a specific game. The first step is creating the most simple version of the game in Hopscotch that we turn into a script.
- videos should be no more than 8 minutes TOPS, and ideally closer to 5. So whatever you suggest should be simple enough that we can cover the main points (slowly) in that time
- the video should be open-ended; we can help Hopscotchers make one version of the game, but there should be multiple paths they can take to continue working in their own direction 9
- the project built in the game should be interactive - whatever you make, someone should be able to play the project and interact with it (rather than a project that just rans with no user input. Don't me wrong, these kinds of projects are really cool! They just are less successful as tutorials)

If you have an idea, turn it into a Hopscotch project. Share the link to the project here. We'll review them and potentially make a video about them (giving you credit, of course)!.

Let me know if you have questions, too.


Mabye a video teaching beginners how to use values?
Lol that was random
Or Mabye a password thingy
Or a thing that teaches you physics I'll try to make a project on that
Sins and cosines um clones um
Sorry I'm bad at ideas


Maybe sin cos if you haven't already (i forgot lol)
or a pixel art made of clones


please make one about trail art if you can! many of us would love some good techniques for trail art!

or,, make a video explaining sine and cosine and how to use it :D


Physics. Like throwing a ball and having it bounce


How about sin/cos? Or a simple trail art? Or smooth pixel art?

Just some suggestions lol


I could make a sine/cosine video on my HS YouTube. It seems to be a quite popularly requested topic.


I am going to make a simple Sims game you can make a tutorial on.




I made a quick example, and I think you could explain everything in it quickly. It also uses some underused when blocks.
It involves:

  1. Random variables used to decide things. (You should explain that you can add as many things as you want)
  2. A score counter.
    And that's it, really...


Hi! Maybe remake the angry birds video tutorial? I loved doing that one :D


Maybe a locked website thingy? Because when I had to make one, I just copied the code from smileyallyssa's.


Sin and cos is something that many people wants to learn, so maybe you could explain it in a video?


I like the idea of teaching how to use values. Errr, variables... still getting used to the change in name :wink:


Teach sin/cos? please???


(for freee pleeeaaaseeee)


Here's a cool one!

Hope it's not too complicated!


An art pad. I remember there used to be one, but it was in another language.

It has loges of things, but you can sift through them and find the most useful one.


Yes. I have an amazing idea for this, and am working on a project now. It'll end be out in late June/early July,


What about a food maker game such as this one below that I made

It could be simplified enough to be fit into a short window of time, and once users learn the basics, they can use that knowledge to make any type of food maker.