Taking Random Art Reqests



So, I am going to start drawing. I've seen a lot of Hopscotchers do it, and it would help me get better grades in art class!! :joy: :joy: Anyways, here is the screenshot of project I made for drawing requests.

It could be anything, pictures from the Internet, a new profile picture, or just something you wanted to do because you were bored!!

If you do request, you could post your screenshot here, or remix in my Hopscotch account. For drawing, I made a drawing account called KitkatDrawing26 so you can remix in that one.

If you do request, I won't be drawing this week because I have big projects due this Friday, and my mom took away my iPad. Happy requesting!!



Due by: When You Finish XD


Okay. I will probably get to it Friday or Saturday. Or next week. I have a softball tournament this weekend, the 23. So it may be done next week if that's okay.


could I help you with requests? (Sorry my friends think I'm crazy i just LOVE helping people!)


Sure! But I won't be able to draw this week, though.